People buy from people first

I’m reminded of this simple truth every time I walk out of a shop, leaves a restaurant, finish a phone call… With a smile.

I didn’t coin the phrase, neither did the charismatic Peter Jones I got it from… But I’ve taken it in.

So very often I will make decisions based on the Person in front of me, their behavior, attitude, product knowledge… Especially if it is something new I’m considering.

And often it is the people working in a specific restaurant or shop that makes me return again and again… Even I’m craving for new experiences – the new and untested pulls… But the comfort of being in a place where you just know it’s going to be a nice experience and no hassles … Well that often trumps.

So thank you Raja, always good to see you again, and again, and again, and again… 🙂

Your thoughts ...

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