Nikola Tesla – When women is boss

Brain pickings is in general a very worthy and quite brilliant place to learn, discover and broaden your mind – and this article on Nikola Tesla and his views on women as leaders and beyond is testament to not only this but to the foresight and brilliance of Tesla.

I’m fortunate to have grown up in a country where women as leaders became normal and respected before I was even born (and I’m not that young)… and I have had great experience with female leaders; reporting to, reporting to me and working with as clients and business partners… and the truly sad thing is that I’m even mentioning it – because it should just be normal, everywhere!

Like so many other things in life – gender, whether you are born with that gender or discovered later in life you were born with the wrong gender or a mix for that matter… or colour or braces or a limp… or whatever – it doesn’t determine what we can do, mostly it’s other people standing in our way because they secretly know they can’t … so nobody else should…

Was he right about gender equality? I believe equality is paramount – it should be ground rule One… I think that maybe possibly it went a bit wrong along the way – and sadly didn’t yet happen at all in too many places. I wish there was true equality – True Equality, but I’m not actually sure anybody really wants it… maybe I’m a dinosaur?

In any case – Rock on girls !

Your thoughts ...

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