It happens to all of us… the piling up of the things, events, people in need, everyday stuff that is just more important than ourselves in that moment – and that’s all good and the way it should be… but add the disrupters, negative influences, people who are capable of making everybody around them miserable… you know – those people we should just ignore because they don’t deserve any of our attention or time… but they gnaw away at our energy, creativity and leaves us gasping for air.

I mean ok, I can deal with one or two of them at any time – we all have to tolerate them (remember… to tolerate is to ignore), but add them up, this little army of grey souls that seem to appear like a seven year itch… even the best of good peeps get overwhelmed. And annoyingly we start pulling past pains and bad experiences back into the mix – rather than good times, victories and the belief that this world is inherently populated by cool people.

A good friend of mine had the good graces to pick a couple of vultures off my back this week… I feel lighter now, it is such a fresh feeling to be reminded that friendship is there for all of us. He also had to kick my behind and remind me that to some degree I had allowed these grey souls to pull me out of orbit… good point – well said, thank you !!

We need disruptions, sometimes we even need periods with bad ones to remind us of what we’re supposed to be doing !

… the image is not really related – but a very happy 75 year old gentleman had his first balloon flight recently… and Yes – he has definitely done enough for other people in his life to deserve it – and more 🙂

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