So, this is why…

Sitting in a meeting with the Team today, as always it’s constructive, honest, energetic, creative – love working with these peeps… And somehow – Lily Lilly Lordy blurted out of me …

Now – I’m known for saying a lot of weird things… Creativity and a healthy imagination gets me there – but most of all its people around me, near, far and in the wild who inspire me … Every day!

“Lily Lilly Lordy”… I think it came out as a bit dismissive or well – not meant to be included or taken serious… But someone said ‘that’s not bad actually’ (you know who you are)…. And so it stuck with me – and I decided right there and then to turn it into something positive – and start noting at least one thing every day that inspires or moves me. I’m already amassing thousands of stuff and thoughts in Evernote and grey matter… But why not share some of it here, if not for anything else as acknowledgement and recognition to the people that do!

So this is tribute and gratitude to all those who inspire me, thank You !

Your thoughts ...

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