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Waste Land – Vik Muniz at work… for 3 years

Vic Muniz is in my eyes an interesting, thought provoking and even provocative in a good way, engaging, etc. etc. artist – so there’s that. But his work done at the scrap yard in Rio de Jeneiro – documented in Waste Land is taking it to a new level.

Working with the people who makes their truly humble living off collecting scraps for reuse – making them his models and ultimately involving them in creation of the pieces, it makes for a deep portrait of the people, what happens when you suddenly introduce ‘opportunity’ into their lives – or disruption for some as it is.

We all meet people who are unaware of the opportunities available to them, or the talent and abilities they have dormant… and whether they benefit from knowing – is that ‘other’ life actually better… ?

It is a beautiful story – made my throat all lumpy several times… just beautiful people !!

Shake The Dust

Young people, kids, families, friends… from all over the world, all walks of life – all seeking purpose, meaning, joy, happiness, belonging… a way to something better, freedom to express themselves.

Shake The Dust not only tells some of their stories, from Yemen to Colombia it is a visual journey to places where breakdancing seems so foreign and yet so very natural, it’s an insightful cultural lesson, a reminder that people who have near nothing can find a way to smile and laugh every day – and find a way forward… should teach us who have soooo much a thing or two !!!

I was never a break dancer… guess I didn’t have the courage to ‘bust a move’ anywhere else than a tightly packed dance floor filled with people drunk enough to not notice… and I don’t envy anybody for whom it is their only relief or way to make a living, but I sure wish I had their courage!!!

Watch and learn and smile and save a thought for Camille and the other B girls.


Not the FB guy … Andrew Zuckerman – the film maker and photographer.

Andrew Zuckerman

Andrew Zuckerman

His eye for capturing animals and people is really something – but his books Wisdom and Music stays with me. Interestingly – reading the books, and then watching the movies… surprising how ones perception of a person changes when hearing them speak – the tone of voice, seeing their eyes and facial expressions… changes a person profoundly.

Reminds me why I prefer calling people and meeting in person, rather than relying on messenger apps and social media – which all have their very good uses… but you should try it ya all… call a friend, meet them for a cuppa – and see how they’re really doing 😉

Beans from A Small Section of the World

A group of women in Costa Rica takes initiative – have to make a living, starts growing coffee – and their beans ends up in my favorite Illy coffee… Gotta love stories like this!!

Check A Small Section of the World

A Small Section of the World

I didn’t know it was possible … But I think I love coffee just a little bit more today 🙂