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Talent in all it forms – what a cool girl

Ok… I may not be the worlds foremost beatboxing fan, but Nicole Paris is awesome – watch her on Colossal, it’ll put a smile on ya and you just have to appreciate human talent in all its forms !!

Dad’s pretty cool too… but my dime is on Nicole 🙂

Oh and – do check some of the other BB guys like this one… amazing… inspiring !!

Darn… now I’m getting hooked… Tom Thum on TEDx … lost for words

Hybrid to the rescue

It’s one of those days… Everything is a bit off, wonky, uphill, walls, bad attitudes… Me too for that matter… But then there’s always music – music never fails me !

Playing classical as a kid, discovering electro and house in the ’80s, rock, synth, jazz, breakbeats, deep house, nu disco, dub step, rap, pop, R&B… Thousands of artists, DJs, bands, concerts, soundtracks, moments… Thousands…! Soo many fond memories and experiences linked with great music, makes me wonder how my life would’ve shaped itself without it… Probably would have been ok – but not as rich, varied or inspired for sure.

My top “mix tape” would be at least 200 trax long… but today my ‘thank you for saving my day’ goes out to Hybrid and DrMundus


Can you hear me now :o)