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Shake The Dust

Young people, kids, families, friends… from all over the world, all walks of life – all seeking purpose, meaning, joy, happiness, belonging… a way to something better, freedom to express themselves.

Shake The Dust not only tells some of their stories, from Yemen to Colombia it is a visual journey to places where breakdancing seems so foreign and yet so very natural, it’s an insightful cultural lesson, a reminder that people who have near nothing can find a way to smile and laugh every day – and find a way forward… should teach us who have soooo much a thing or two !!!

I was never a break dancer… guess I didn’t have the courage to ‘bust a move’ anywhere else than a tightly packed dance floor filled with people drunk enough to not notice… and I don’t envy anybody for whom it is their only relief or way to make a living, but I sure wish I had their courage!!!

Watch and learn and smile and save a thought for Camille and the other B girls.