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Ludwig Project – music, passion and equality

Did you see the Apple Keynote..? Among all the treats and trinkets from Apple – one showcase made my heart sink, bringing music to deaf people.

The Ludwig Project aims to bring the beautiful world of music to deaf people – with an armband that translates music into touch.

I’ve loved music since I was a little wee boyo, I’ve played music and I live my life to music – 1 new album per week since 1981… I’ve seen so much excitement, happiness and calm in others from music, I’ve danced like a silly person for nights and days, travelled far for it, made friends, admired the talent and creativity, I’ve seen it across all cultures and age groups, it is a language and a common ground for all of us, it brings memories from just a few notes… it is a truly massive influence, inspiration and refuge to me and billions of people.

Just imagine Your life Without music… really think about it… remove all the memories, remove the sense of rhythm, take away all the associations, your sense of movement in tune with music… take it all away… it’d be a very different life.

I’m by no means suggesting that deaf people cannot live amazing and fulfilling lives – they do amazing things by way of other senses, which I frankly wished I had the ability to do, but why shouldn’t they Also have the joy of music!!?

Anybody who does anything however small or big to bring the joy and wonder of music to those unfortunately deprived of hearing – either from birth or from loss of it, they demand our gratitude and support !!

Love what you’re doing Ludwig – Thank You ;o)

The Collective Project

These guys are amazing, and it is Not often I’m captured by Microsoft initiatives (which I gather this is)…

The Collective Project and anybody else who tries to make life better for those most unfortunate – always makes me go soft in the knees!!!

I borrowed the image from their own page – think they don’t mind…

Bocci Clouds

Bocci clouds

Hmmm… I’m considering selling one of my kidneys for some of these…

Besides being beautifully executed – and I can imagine how they will add to many different spaces and environments, I love the story behind them. How something as industrial and tough as 3M’s Nextel, a ceramic fabric made to protect space bound machines, can inspire the creation of something so delicately beautiful.

Dear Bocci, please donate a couple of these to me… so I can keep my kidneys 🙂