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I found Nemo

I don’t know whether he’s an elderly gentleman with funky taste in pink pants or a cool young guy with great taste in classic shoes… doesn’t matter really – I love it regardless.

One of my favourite paintings by one of my favourite artists and people Nemo Jantzen – it takes me to many places… from old Hollywood movies to Sunday morning golf, shooting balls from the plush carpet in the boardroom … and the bold colours makes me happy every day, I’m sooo not a pink guy – it’s just fresh and “in my face”… provoking  me to dare being me !!

Thank you Nemo for letting me care for this wonderful piece for a while, and I’m lovingly adding this to your Dad’s memory – wish I’d had a chance to meet him.

Arches National Park 1991


A couple of years ago, travelling with a dear friend – we spend a little time in Moab, I so dearly want to go back there – spending a couple of months in the Rockies again, sweet thought !!

Looking at these guys just moved it up the ToGo list a few notches … except I’d use a mountain bike I think… yep : )