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Angela Duckworth’s Gritty View of Success

I love this from Strategy+Business magazine by Laura G. Weller , the notion that a degree – however admirable and much needed – or just plain luck is enough to succeed in life or business doesn’t play out… Long term commitment, ability to endure … Grit … is the key.

As she puts it – “People need to know going in that the payoff from their effort may not be obvious for a long time.”

The world is consumed by the quest for instant fame and riches, only to leave too many discouraged and giving up because they feel they’ve ‘failed’ if millions of nice $$ don’t magically appear in their bank account in a few years … Or the famed IPO of course, personal fame, title and all things nice. Now, don’t get me wrong – there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting all this! Me being a capitalist, materialist, dreamer – and famously impatient… But over the years I’ve learned to ‘slow down so I can speed up’, and nothing ever came easy… But keep the fame please ;o)

I’m happy and impressed every time I meet someone willing to do the work, build things up, take a chance, learn… Latest today.