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Tissues please… I need tissues

Now isn’t that a nice happy dog in that header… ?  I love it !


But this is where the story starts…


Hard to stomach isn’t it… but this one ends well.

I’m a big fan of Bored Panda – it’s a great place to be inspired, amazed, amused and sometimes left speechless and for me, when it comes to saving animals, with quiverin voice and a raised triumphant fist in celebration of the people who does the amazing work, and yes – I often need tissues…

I always root for the little guy, children in need, animals, … I imagine we all do… right ?! But I don’t think we actually do enough. No finger pointing, I’d like to believe we would all want to if it wasn’t that everyday life takes over and… well you know.

I admire the people who does help in what ever little way they can. I’m currently only helping with money – which is at least something, but I wish I were better at actually Doing something actively. To be honest – I have a hard time handling the emotional side of dealing with people and animals in need. I have a big big lump in my throat every time and I’m still having vivid memories of storming out of an orphanage for newborns in Vietnam in tears – it took hours for me to calm down. And just keep in mind that only a few hundred dollars pays for diapers and medicine for several months…

I am in awe of the people who does step up and does the work, dedicated to helping others !!

Again – 2% makes the difference

U-Ram Choe kinetic sculpture

U-Ram Choe

Once in a while I come across a writer, musician, creator, designer or artist who seems to have sneaky peeked inside my head – taken careful notes… and then created things that would fit beautifully right back in.

U-Ram Choe makes beautiful and inspiring objects, hope that maybe, some day, I will be able to grace my life with more than just images of his work.