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Surprising conversation

All around us, in our everyday life, we have people who exist in the periphery, in the gym, shops, cafes and restaurants we frequent, the supermarket, friends of friends, sharing the same commute, at work… and they’re there for weeks, months and sometimes even years before we get to know their name or even hear their voice – if even that.

But they’re there, we see them, recognise they exist – which they may not know… and in some way they influence us, they’re part of our mirror, and they become a part of us. Some of them we will remember clearly, some will be roaming our sub conscience…

And then there are people we speak with, some of them often, we might even work with them… and based on these limited interactions – seeing part of them, who they are in that particular context – we create an image and impression of them… but then, out of nowhere – just by chance… you meet them in a slightly different situation, no longer in that narrow context we see them… and they change, slightly, significantly… they may surprise you, confirm your view of them or completely change it.

I had one of those today… a simple cup of coffee, chance meeting – and 20 minutes later this already very pleasant person had proven to be even more so, and has now expanded in my mind… a nice surprise and once more my world has been enriched !!